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Saturday, 10/7, 9:00 am       Church Cleaning

from Sr. Mary Donovan, Sunday School Teacher

Sunday School will start on Sunday, September 10 at 9:00 am in the Parish Fellowship Hall.

I think we have outgrown the Sunday School room. This is a good thing because it means we are growing.

Parents are encouraged to attend the Sunday School sessions because kids are sometimes shy and won’t ask questions in the class time. They might ask them at home and you need to know what was discussed during class.

During Sunday School, we try to emphasize the idea of a Loving God, the Divinity of life and how that affects all that we do. We also will talk about the concept of Service and how that is reflected in what we do in our lives, not just at church. The more specific focus is going to be three-fold this year. We will be talking about:

General morality

  • We’ll look at the 10 Commandments from Moses and the 2 Great Commandments from Jesus and discuss how they are alike.
  • This will take several weeks and the kids will be asked to bring in examples of behavior or thought processes that they see in their world during the week.

Bible stories

  • We’ll read and discuss stories from the Christian Bible.
  • This is to show that the Bible stories include the moral issues addressed by the 10 Commandments and the Great Commandments.
  • To accomplish this, there will be reading assignments for the kids. The church provides age appropriate Bibles or Bible story books and encourages parents to include this reading in the time recommended by their regular school system.

Liberal Catholic ritual

  • We will occasionally talk about a specific part of the Mass and what it means to us.
  • We will occasionally leave the Fellowship Hall and visit the Chapel to discuss things that are there such as the altar, candles, and statues. We will talk about some the ‘hidden’ items that can’t be seen because they are inside another thing that is seen.
  • We will talk about things that are done in the Chapel, whether during Mass or not. This includes church manners.
  • We will also talk about how different Feasts and Seasons re-enforce the concepts of Divinity and Service.


As in the past, we will continue to learn common prayers used in the Mass.

  • The Act of Faith will be the opening prayer each week.
  • The Our Father will be the closing prayer each week.
  • The Sign of the Cross and the words that go with that sign and what it means.
  • Since we say the Glory Be, we will talk about it and discuss what it means.
  • Given time, we may add the Ave Maria.

We will also talk about prayer at home, including grace for meals, and prayers of gratitude.

Attendance is a big deal for learning to be most easily accomplished. Promptness is also important because late arrivals interrupt the focus and makes it difficult to accomplish the stated goals for the day.

All of that being said, if your child is not well, please keep them home. The criteria that the local schools use is a good gauge of whether they should be around others. Yes, church is important but health is also important and a loving God will not punish for missing Sunday School or Mass because of illness. In my opinion, staying home to stop the spread of illness is an act of service because it benefits the entire congregation.

As always, adults may attend also and are welcome to join the discussion. However, questions from the youth will take precedence over adults. If enough interest is shown by the adults, an adult class may come to be.


We would like to offer the opportunity for people to get certified in CPR.  The class would be at the Church, but is entirely dependent on the number of interested people.  Please speak with Anthony Monteith for more information.

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