Public services suspended 11/14:

Due to the Covid virus and the Govenor's instructions, all of Our Lady Queen of Angels Public Church services are suspended through the end of the month.  This includes Mass tomorrow, Mass Monday and Friday, and all other activities.

Mass will be streamed tomorrow however, but please do not go to the Church.

We will be in touch again near the end of the month with any updates and thankyou for your patience.

Father Tim

Upcoming Activities

Saturday, 11/7, 9 AM       Church Cleaning

We request your help with the following:

Altar Servers

We need Altar Servers.  If you are interested in serving the Church during Mass, please contact Mary Donovan.

Altar Flowers

We like to have fresh flowers for Sunday Mass.  To volunteer to bring fresh flowers for Mass, please sign up on the sign up sheet in the Church Hall.


We need some additional people in our Church Choir.  This is a very important part of the Mass.

The choir has a variety of responsibilities, but their primary role is to support and enhance the congregation in singing our worship songs.

Please contact Sr. Mary to get further information. We need your help!

Church Library

Janet Mura, the church librarian, is asking that people who have books borrowed from the Milton R. Shaw Library, please bring them in to be cataloged.

Please place them flat on an empty shelf and sign it back in using the check-out/check-in book.

When they are cataloged, it will be announced that they are available to go back out.

Please give Janet until the first of September to complete the catalog process before checking books out again.

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